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Simon originally hails from Cape Town, South Africa.  His interest in cycling began at an early age when he was introduced to cycling by participating in organised fun rides with his father.  He very quickly developed a love of cycling and moved into junior road cycling and racing where he excelled.

After finishing his education Simon then travelled around Europe and settled in London for 18 years where he focussed on his career and his family. He re-established his love for cycling back in 2011 and dabbled in mountain biking as well as getting involved in the local club road racing scene.

Re-locating to Sydney with his Aussie wife and young kids in 2017, he quickly joined North-West Sydney Cycling Club and got involved with the local cycling and masters racing scene.

A lifelong interest in fitness, cycling and the science behind it all has led him into offering coaching services.  He continues to train, race, and learn.

In addition to coaching, Simon has a full-time job and young family, so he understands the realities of family life and demanding work schedules!

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